South Pasadena Masonic Lodge F&AM #290

PAY DUES (2018)

$135 + $3 Processing Fee
TOTAL $138


$135(Dues) + $75 (Dinner Club) + $3 (Processing Fee)
TOTAL $213

Erik Strom, Master of the Lodge

South Pasadena Masonic Lodge 290 is one that is rich in history. Chartered in 1888 as Sunset Lodge #290, the lodge has been a part of the Los Angeles area serving our community through our charitable works for over 129 years. Taking residence in the South Pasadena Masonic Temple in the heart of historic, downtown South Pasadena, Lodge #290 continues to make a difference in the community by holding true to the principles of faith, charity and brotherly love. Our Lodge is an eclectic mix of noble men from every corner of society with a common goal of improving oneself in order to better the world as a whole. We immerse ourselves in Masonic education through our “Illumination Lectures” that are at times open to the public. This along with other practices has elevated our lodge to the honor of being 1 of 7 Lodges in the state of California to be recognized as a “Traditional Observance Lodge”. Family and charity are also important to us as we balance our Masonic duties between our craft, life at home, our work, and helping the less fortunate. We are always welcoming new brethren, so if you, or someone you know, is interested in joining our fraternity, please feel free to contact us. As our motto states, “We make good men, better men.” Not every man has the mettle to be a Mason, but if you are a seeker, open to discovering the mysteries of our great fraternity, we may have what you are looking for.

2017's South Pasadena Masonic Lodge Line of Officers

Top From Left: Rafael Kochar (Tiler), James Gips (Organist), Ramiro Montes De Oca (Senior Steward), Ed Gudino (Senior Deacon), Charlie Fisher PM (Chaplain), George Amirian (Junior Deacon), Gene MacIssac (Junior Steward), Pascal Davayat (Marshal).
Bottom From Left: Mimo Akkari PM (Secretary), Jason Wilson (Senior Warden), Erik A. Strom (Master), Sergio Gomez (Junior Warden), Bob Arnold PM (Treasurer).

South Pasadena 290 Past Masters

Illumination Series Lectures

The Illumination Lectures Series 2017 Lineup:
February 6th: Philip Deslippe
March 6th: Andrew Hammer
April 3rd: Dr. Stephan Hoeller
May 1st: Allan Casalou
June 5th: John L. Cooper III
July 3rd: Lon Milo Duquette
August: Dark
September: Dark
Saturday, October 7th: Josef Wages
November 6th: Kyle Grafstrom
December 4th: Angel Millar

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